Behold! These are the people running the BundleUp team!

As a community, it is essential to support basic human needs for all citizens. Instinctually, physical survival is of the utmost importance, eliminating any room for personal growth until it is fulfilled. That is why it is essential as a community to support basic human needs. Here at BundleUp, we strive to engage the public through fundraising, outreach, and volunteerism to alleviate the burdens of homelessness.

Our members must have an interest in providing aid to the homeless: whether through creative content, volunteering, advertising, or fundraising. Members have the option to attend at least 4 volunteer events hosted by our org or one of our partners instead of paying dues.

2016-2017 Members

BundleUp is composed of many departments through which student members make BundleUp a functioning organization for its cause. Officers are highlighted in red.


Maura McDonagh

Vice President

Junior Quintero


Junior Quintero




Junior Quintero

Social Media

Avery Aurand


Junior Quintero


Junior Quintero


Avery Aurand

We're always looking for new people to join our staff! It doesn't matter if you're interested in fundraising, accounting, photography, volunteer coordination, social media, or web development - we welcome all interested students to work with the team they prefer! We have a kickoff meeting at the beginning of each semester to welcome new members and get them working on the right project. All students are welcome!