Behold! This is BundleUp!

Okay, so what is BundleUp?

BundleUp is a student organization at UW-Madison that provides support for for those in need by gathering warm winter clothes and hygiene/menstrual products.

Nice! What does BundleUp do for impoverished individuals?

By spreading the word about our cause we are able to gain the support of individuals like you who donate old clothes or generously send a stipend so that we can make purchase much needed items for the homeless community.

How do you engage the public about the lack of support?

Here at BundleUp, we strive to engage the public through fundraising, outreach, and volunteerism to alleviate the burdens of homelessness.

Donate to our cause at one of our many donation bins!

I much difference could one person make?

One person may not be able to change the world, but they can change the world for one person. Think on that. Never underestimate the gift of being kind and supportive of others. You have the capacity to give as many gifts of kindness as you wish. Working together, we can bring much needed support to thousands here in the city of Madison.